The Texas Review of Law & Politics is a conservative law review. Its mission is to be the prime forum for the discussion and debate of contemporary social issues, such as crime, federalism, racial preferences, constitutional history, and religious liberties. The Review publishes thoughtful and intellectually rigorous conservative articles—articles that traditional law reviews often fail to publish—that can serve as blueprints for constructive legal reform.

To that end, the Review has historically been published two times each year: Once in the fall and once in the spring. In 2016, TROLP began a new venture to publish a third issue—a special edition featuring selected pieces from the Federalist Society’s Texas Chapters Conference. 

But TROLP is more than simply a law review—it is also a network. The Review connects conservative and libertarian scholars, judges, legal practitioners, law students, policy experts, and public servants to each other and to TROLP. The TROLP network has been growing for over 20 years and includes conservative and libertarian men and women in every sector of society. The friendships and connections made through TROLP have enabled our network to positively affect the legal community, reform our government, and develop conservative and libertarian leaders who are well prepared to take on our state’s and nation’s greatest challenges.