We are a student-edited law journal based at the University of Texas School of Law. Our membership is made up of a diverse mix of conservative and libertarian first-, second-, and third-year law students. Integral to the life of the journal are our Steering Committee, Board of Advisors, and Board of Directors. 

Steering Committee

The Steering Committee is involved in many of the practical matters related to TROLP’s operations. It assists the Editorial Board in selecting submitted articles, reaching out to the TROLP network for solicited pieces, and distributing published issues to subscribers. Members of the Steering Committee also serve as advisors and mentors to the Editorial Board. 

Brantley Starr, Co-Chair
Amy Davis, Co-Chair
Alexandra Harrison
Cory Liu
Jaimie Ensign
Marc Levin
Aaron Streett

Board of Advisors

The Board of Advisors is a group of TROLP’s key allies who are especially invested in realizing TROLP’s mission-accomplishment. Some members have helped to guide TROLP since our first issue in 1997. Others are new friends. But all are enthusiastic about TROLP’s mission and work, and have generously contributed their time, resources, and counsel to help TROLP succeed.

Governor Greg Abbott
Congressman Bob Barr
Bradley A. Benbrook
Justice Clint Bolick
Professor Steven G. Calabresi
Professor Thomas J. Campbell
T. Kenneth Cribb, Jr.
Senator Ted Cruz
Susanna Dokupil
Professor Richard A. Epstein
Professor Richard W. Garnett
Todd F. Gaziano
Professor Lino A. Graglia
C. Boyden Gray
Professor Michael S. Greve
Chief Justice Nathan Hecht
Professor F. Russell Hittinger
Allyson N. Ho
Judge James C. Ho
Michael J. Horowitz
Peter Huber
Judge Edith H. Jones
Judge Royce C. Lamberth
Professor Gary S. Lawson
Professor Jonathan R. Macey
Professor Gregory E. Maggs
John P. McConnell
Attorney General Edwin Meese III
William H. Mellor
Allan E. Parker, Jr.
Thomas W. Pauken
Professor Stephen B. Presser
Keith S. Rabois
Professor Michael B. Rappaport
Ron Robinson
M. Sean Royall
Joseph Smith
Daniel E. Troy
J. Michael Wiggins
Richard K. Willard
Justice Don R. Willet

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors oversees TROLP’s long-term plan of success. 

Adam B. Ross, Chairman
Andrew A. Adams, Secretary
Sean B. Cunningham
David J. Damiani
Amy Davis
Dennis W. Donley, Jr.
Scott A. Fredricks
Benjamin B. Kelly
David A. Linehan
John R. Martin
Ryan L. Morris
Eric B. Neuman
Keith S. Rabois
Tara B. Ross
Nigel Stark
Brantley D. Starr
Gary L. Thompson
Philip A. Vickers
Douglas R. Wilson