Since 1998, TROLP has hosted an annual black tie banquet bringing together leading conservatives and libertarians around the state and nation to honor a certain “Jurist of the Year.” These Jurists of the Year are selected on the basis of their contributions to conservative and libertarian causes of national importance. The scale of the annual Jurist of the Year Banquet has grown exponentially over the past couple of decades, but the Banquet’s tradition and spirit continues. 

Jurists of the Year:

2017: Judge William H. Pryor, Jr.
2016: Justice Clarence Thomas
2015: Paul Clement
2014: Justice Don Willett
2013: Senator Ted Cruz
2012: Senator Mike Lee
2011: Gregory Coleman
2010: Professor Lino Graglia
2009: Leonard Leo
2008: Judge William L. Garwood
2007: Justice Antonin Scalia
2006: Judge Priscilla Owen
2005: C. Boyden Gray
2004: Senator John Cornyn
2003: Judge Jerry Smith
2002: Ted Olson
2001: Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott
2000: Kenneth Starr
1999: U.S. Attorney General Ed Meese
1998: Judge Edith Jones